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Monday, 19 August 2019

Updates shmupdates

I stopped putting stuff here,. Not sure if I even need a blog or website anymore. Stuff’s on my instagram or twitter or facebook.

Anyhoo, here’s something. Started an unscripted/unscheduled/unplanned/unkempt, panel-by-panel #comic. It might go nowhere...

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Timelapse doodling

A time-lapse doodle I did for Warehouse Stationary. Not sure where or when it played, but those prices might not be current. this was the last of many attempted doodles. I started off just doodling something different for each take, and had a lot of false starts from smudges, drawing out of shot, inappropriate content (beheaded robot space snake) and just not liking the results. Then I decided to sketch out a plan. The brief was simply to draw something with Sharpies, then photograph it with the new Samsung.

The final art...

and roughs concept doodles...

2018 catch up

Realised I didn't post any art from 2018. So will do some doodle dumps.
First, a bunch of stuff for the Ministry Of Ed.

Illustrations for a sci-fi story by Renata Hopkins in the Lvl 3 Connected...

A 2-part time-travel story in the Lvl 2 School Journals 2017 & 2018, by Sarah Johnson...

And some sharks, from Lvl 3 School Journal 2018...

Monday, 27 November 2017

Happy 1893 election day!

124 years ago today women in NZ voted for the first time in a general election. First time IN THE WORLD! The Electoral Act 1893 passed on the 19th Dec declaring all women, regardless of race/ethnicity, eligible to vote. It had taken three rounds of petitioning from Kate Sheppard and the suffrage campaigners to get the act passed, the last of which had 32,000 signatures. They then had less than ten weeks before election day, but in that time more than 80% of eligible women (over 21) had enrolled to vote, and 85% of those voted on the day (far greater than the 70% turnout from enrolled males).

This year Annual 2 came out. I was asked by the editors Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris to develop something with Kate Sheppard running a sausage sizzle. It evolved into an 8 page time displacement story. Here's some process doodles and final art for one of the spreads.

click for a closer looksee...

Annual 2 is available from NZ book stores and online from
Potton and Burton.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Toroa's Journey, to the shops

I have a new book out in book stores for Potton & Burton and written by Maria Gill. It's an honour to be collaborating with Maria, and I'm looking forward to meeting her in person finally at Paige's Book Gallery in Whanganui (details to come). For now, here's a couple of the interior spreads. That plastic patch one is a mixed media of paint and actual plastic trash collected from Kapiti beach near my coastal nest.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Game Of Awesome

A few years ago I illustrated a game for NZ schools called Game Of Awesome. The commission involved creating separate illustrations for 200 cards, plus wraparounds for 5 boxes and an instruction booklet. As it was designed to inspire kids in their creative writing, the best thing about the job was that the subject range was broad and perfectly ridiculous in every way. Chrometoaster, the awesome company who came up with the game and designed it for the Ministry Of Ed, wanted doodles on every surface. So there's always more for kids to find.

It picked up a Best Award for Public Good last year, along with the coveted Purple Pin at the New Zealand Best Awards. Tonight it picked up a bunch of awards at the Australian Good Design Awards, including the 2017 design of the year for all categories. The Chrome Toaster press release has more info.
Here's some hastily taken shots of the packaging. You can click 'em to embiggenate...

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The road to that map.

Going through my old work folders, and found the roughs for my BONE (Bureau Of Nautical Exploration) story for issue 01 of the Gecko Annual . There were a nuts amount of revisions in the process of putting it together. Plenty of the revisions were down to my nitpickiness, but also the editors Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris both have keen eyes for what's not working, spelling/grammar mistakes and what's ludicrously cryptic. These progress doodles show a little of the process behind the map spread.
The second Annual is coming out before xmas 2017, this time with a time-travelling story from me. Will post sneak peeks of that when I get the all clear.

Click them to embiginate...

The final jobbie...

and a variant version as a colouring/activity sheet extra...

Monday, 5 December 2016

More Annual sneak-peekiness

The Gecko Annual has 41 collaborators and is out now, and almost sold out, so go grab a copy for kissy-mass if you're near a quality book store (in New Zealand). Or here...
For more peeks, contributor bios and extra activities not in the book (like a colouring-in version of this map) go to the official Annualannual site.

This is a part of a three-spread story. The editors asked for something with a map, and let me wander off.

click it...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Spot The Similarities

The first Annual from Gecko, Edited by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris, is being launched tonight. It's already in stores, but this will be the official knees up. I contributed a couple of features to it, including this Spot-The-Differences piece. The left side of the image came out very dark in print, due to a mystery file switcharoo, so I'm posting it here for any readers who have been driven to frustration trying to find all the similarities. Only identical possessions count, which excludes the desks, beds, shelves, walls etc.

Click it for a closer look...

If you want the cheat sheet it can be found on the website. Under Downloads.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

School Journal scribbles

A couple of recent illustrations for the School Journal. One that is basically my dream home, and another of New Zealand's most popular big bird, the Moa, before it was driven to extinction and subsequently appropriated by the creators of Sesame Street. The Children's Television Workshop has no scruples.

spot the diff

Another Spot The Difference doodle for Wild Things, Forest & Bird's kids magazine. There's 10 differences I think. The little dude is a NZ Snapping Shrimp which has an oversized claw so powerful that the force from one snap sends out a shock wave of greater decibels than a rock concert, stunning the shrimp's prey so it can just drag the comatose victim back to it's tiny lair and devour at will. Click on it for a closer looksee.

And a How To Draw for the same issue...